The windy road to Hana hides around mountains with dramatic cliffs falling into the ocean and lush, vibrant tropical forests. Here you will also find black sandy beaches, Haleakala National Park and waterfalls, all the sights you can enjoy while visiting Maui. You can also family photographers hawaii see the popular attraction on the east side of Ohe’o Gulch, or Seven Sacred Pools, the range of waterfalls and natural pools in the National Park. In Hawaii’s Volcano National Park you can see the landscape change before your eyes, witness ecological dominance first hand.

Big, the largest in the Hawaiian Islands, has many attractions waiting to be discovered. The Big Islands have everything from volcanic mountains, luxury resorts, white sandy beaches to extensive golf courses. To get there, take a tour of Secret Falls with one of the many companies on the island offering it. If you are an experienced rower, you can rent your own kayak and paddle upstream on the Wailua River until you reach the junction where you branch to the right and continue to the kayak-filled landing site. The path is typically quite muddy and includes a series of power transitions, one of which has a guide cable running through the water to help. Famous for phenomenal swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing and sunny skies, the southern beaches of Maui are world class.

Surfing, snorkeling, the increasingly popular SUP (standing paddleboard), swimming and kayaking are great ways to get to know the east side. On this tropical side you will also find viewpoints, waterfalls, canyons and rainforests. It is located along the north coast of Kauai and features lush emerald peaks that rise 17 miles along the coast, with velvety green cliffs and beautiful waterfalls immersed in deep, narrow valleys. Today it seems centuries ago, when Hawaiian settlements flourished in the valleys, consisting of the fish they could catch and the food they could grow. The windward coast of Oahu starts at Makapu’u Point, about 15 miles east of the Hawaiian capital Honolulu, and extends to Kahana Bay. So for the approximately 340,000 people living in Honolulu, it is the perfect destination for a day trip.

No photo can prepare you for this, a unique experience and the biggest direct link to nature that inspires it. Hanauma Bay is a beautiful postcard, with turquoise blue water and clear white sand. Marine life thrives here because it is a protected area where fishing and the removal of wildlife are strictly prohibited.

In fact, the best of the Kauai landscape, the Na Pali coast, can only be seen by boat or helicopter or by a very long walk. Visit the Grand Pacific Canyon, known locally as Waimea Canyon, to enjoy the breathtaking view of the 16-kilometer natural phenomenon of millions of years of constant rain that has eroded the Earth. Waimea is Hawaiian for reddish water, a reference to red soil erosion in the canyon.

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