The Best Furniture Brands

Simply put, 90 percent of the Sauder furniture brand products are made in Archbold, Ohio, where the company was founded. The Sauder business family generates sales in excess of $ 500 million annually. Pillows, baskets, bowls and other decoration pieces can become the last element when completing your home design process. They also offer exclusive commercial awards and services to interior designers and architects participating in their Lulu and Georgia Designers Program. As a member you get a 20% discount on sales prices, tax-free status upon purchase or you have exclusive access to VIP sales

And because of the direct-to-consumer model, the products often cost thousands less than would otherwise pay for American-made products. Hooker Furniture creates dining furniture, bedrooms, living room, home office and accent that are distinguished by their functionality and craftsmanship. Styles range from clean and classic furniture to accented pieces with lavish and intricate designs.

Larger orders can take longer and products that are not in stock can take longer to ship. As the largest furniture store in the Northeast, they focus on selling competitively priced furniture and mattresses, with an extremely wide selection of products found online and in-store. While most customers are excited about their offering, there are some disagreements about customer service and delivery. Today, as a high-quality furniture brand and an American company, Liberty uses hardwood and premium veneer to build beds, tables, chairs and solid wood construction sites. This is an American brand founded in 2015 and all furniture is handmade in North Carolina with high-quality, non-toxic materials. In terms of style, the company offers a combination of classic, modern and mid-century designs, so there is something for everyone here.

Founded in 2012, Lulu & Georgia is an online retailer based in Los Angeles, California. Lulu & Georgia was founded in 2012 by Sara Sugarman, named after Sugarman’s grandfather, Lou, and father George. The company specializes in designing and curing Clovis furniture stores advanced furniture and decorations for the entire home. In addition to their own product line, Lulu and Georgia are looking for unique pieces to improve their catalog. Home decoration and furniture are one of the most important aspects of our lives.

Egg Collective, started by three designers in 2011, is a New York furniture and wood shop that combines natural materials such as wood, stone and metal in simple shapes. Perhaps the most “millennial” of these brands, the style adds gold and geometric patterns to create furniture designed to stand the test of time. All finishes are applied by hand and if you want the piece to be exclusive to you, Egg Collective offers customizations to certain products. Copeland is not only a furniture store, it is also the largest employer in a small town in Vermont. Sustainable wood furniture is inspired by the natural environment of Bradford, VT and is 800 kilometers from the factory.